Anger Control Workshop

Anger Control Workshop

This workshop was developed to provide a positive resource for individuals seeking to change assaultive behaviors.  PLS believes that appropriate use of anger, effective problem-solving and good communication skills are learned behaviors.

This workshop helps participants develop the skills necessary for communicating effectively, appropriate anger control techniques in the home, at work and in all relationships.  Some attention is given to domestic violence and the effects of violence on children.  However, this is not a domestic violence program.  Individuals needing this service should seek a state certified domestic violence program.

Level One:

For those individuals with mild to moderate anger problems.

Class is conducted in one (8) hour workshop


Level Two:

For individuals who have a chronic and escalating pattern of violent behavior.

Class is conducted in 12 (one hour) group sessions

Cost per session–$30.00

Topics for the Anger Control Program include:

  • What happens when you get angry?
  • What is wrong with violence?
  • What makes you angry or violent?
  • Strategies for control!
  • Methods for controlling stress.
  • Effects of violence on children
  • Effective Listening
  • Time-outs
  • Effective communication skills
  • Making good decisions

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