Personal Development Counseling Services

Patricia will help you identify what you want to achieve, create, change, accomplish or become. Patricia will partner with you to develop your individualized counseling program; provide you with the support, structure and accountability that lead to:

  • Clarification of what you want to accomplish.
  • Development of an action plan that is in alignment with your values and that capitalize on your assets.
  • Identification and elimination of inner obstacles or blocks that you may encounter as you being working on your goals.
  • Development of long-term behavior changes and accomplishments

Clients have engaged in Patricia’s counseling services for reasons such as:

  • Relationship Counseling-Developing and/or improving relationship skills
  • Career Counseling- Advancing in their career or transitioning to a new/better career.
  • Eliminate Self Sabotage —Identifying and eliminating inner blocks to success
  • Professional & Executive Counseling- Performing and executing more effectively at work
  • Wellness Counseling-Developing healthy lifestyle behaviors
  • Work/life balance- Establishing healthy boundaries between work life and personal life
  • Success Counseling- Developing the skills, attitudes and strategies necessary for achieving one’s goals.
  • Retirement Transitions- Planning for a new life stage.
  • Anger Management- Learning new techniques to control your anger.
  • Women’s Empowerment

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