Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction Counselling

As a licensed professional counselor, I have experience in working with individuals who suffer as a result of their sexual addiction.  I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy in working with sexual addictions.    Cognitive behavioral therapy looks at the triggers that cause clients to take part or to desire sexual activity and then focus on providing them with new behavioral tools to change the way they react.  I help teach the recovering sex addict how to stop such behaviors and to replace their bad habits with healthy habits such as exercise, hobbies, thought stopping or similar activities.  Interpersonal therapy provides a safe place for the addict to talk with a counselor about his or her personal situations that maybe the triggers/root of their addiction.  Interpersonal therapy can help determine if there may be underlying mental health conditions that also require treatment.  I provide referral services if mental health needs are discovered.


Sexual Misconduct Workshop

This program provides a positive resource to individuals seeking to change inappropriate sexual behavior.  These behaviors often are adjudicated in Misdemeanor Court.

This program is effective disciplinary alternative to solving behavioral problems for the judicial system.  The workshop is designed for those individuals who have been charged with sexual misconduct crimes such as indecent exposure, public indecency, lewdness and obscenity. Topics for the workshop include:

  • What is Sexual Misconduct?
  • Laws and regulations
  • Alternative Behaviors
  • Consequences

This program is offered in one (8-hour) workshop.

Cost is $100.00



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